About YAYA

YAYA is an after-school arts and professional enrichment program with a two-decade track record of setting New Orleans youth on positive, productive paths. We teach art and the business of art, but the impact of YAYA extends far beyond the art world, into the business community, families, neighborhoods, and the health and safety of our city as a whole.

Founder Jana Napoli started the program with a vision: "Given the right tools and a fertile environment, creative young people can do extraordinary things."

YAYA is still rooted in the belief that every young person has the capacity and desire to do well. We use art to bring out this potential. Our tools are passion, talent, and youthful vision. Our products are artists, entrepreneurs and successful, motivated adults.

We invite you to learn more: Meet our stars, see our style, and join our effort to beautify and strengthen New Orleans — and the world beyond — through artistic expression and exploration.

Notepad Our programs help our artists to develop portfolios, resumes, and the experience they will need to succeed when they graduate from high school and from YAYA.